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for A-7B Bu. No. 154370


The A-7 Corsair II was designed as a light attack aircraft that could replace the A-4 Skyhawk. Portions of the design were bases on the successful Vought F-8 Crusader aircraft, though certain features such as the afterburner and variable-incidence wing were not incorporated. The aircraft structure was strengthened to carry up to 15,000 lb of external ordnance, accommodating virtually every weapon or store in the Navy's airborne armoury when the A-7 was designed. It was calculated that more than 200 combinations of different stores were possible. The first A-7 flew in 1965, and saw combat over Vietnam for the first time in December of 1967.  (source: United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 by Gordon Swanborough and Peter Bowers)

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Remarks: This is the second exhibit aircraft completed by the restoration team.  This aircraft is sponsored.


  •   1 AGM-88 HARM missile.

  •   1 Walleye missile.

  •   2- AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles.

  •   2 BRU-42 Triple Ejector Racks.

  •   6 Mk 82 500 lb bombs with Mk 15 Snakeye fins and M904 fuzes.

  •   2 20 mm cannon.

Photos by Frank Warren.

Nickname: SLUF

Bu No 154370 Assignment Record

Date of manufacture: January 1968 

Manufacturer: LTV Aerospace Corporation


29 JAN 1968NPRO Dallas (as A-7A)
0l FEB 1968NPRO Dallas (as A-7B)
08 JUN - 27 JUN 1968 VA-87 Cecil Field
27 JUN - 03 AUG 1968VA-87, USS Ticonderoga
23 SEP 1968 - 08 APR 1969VA-174, Cecil Field
08 APR - 26 JUN 1969VA-15, USS Intrepid
26 JUN 1969 - 27 OCT 1971VA-15, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt
13 JUN 1974VA-15, Cecil Field
22 AUG 1974VA-15, Jacksonville
26 AUG 1974VA-15, Cecil Field
13 SEP 1974VA-15, Yuma
23 SEP 1974VA-15, Cecil Field
23 SEP 1974 - 22 JUN 1975USS Franklin D. Roosevelt
22 JUN 1975 - 11 SEP 1975Cecil Field
22 NOV 1975 - 25 SEP 1977VA-205 Atlanta
21 NOV 1977- 07 DEC 1977VA-205 Jacksonville
04 FEB 1978 - 25 APR 1983VA-304 Alameda
07 JUL 1983VA-304 Jacksonville
08 JUL 1983VA-304 Alameda
30 SEP- 28 OCT 1983VA-304 Jacksonville
23 N0V 1983VA-304 Alameda
24 N0V 1983 - 16 MAR 1984VA-205 Atlanta
01 JUN - 22 SEP 1984VA-204 New Orleans
04 JUN 1986VA-305 NAS Point Mugu
19 DEC 1986NAS North Island for storage.
30 JAN 1987S 3SO Stirike
 On loan from NMNA to USS Midway Museum for display.


Photos of this aircraft in previous paint schemes and assignments.

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This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation. 

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