Aircraft Data Sheet

for E2-C Bu. No. 161227


The E-2 Hawkeye was designed as an airborne early-warning picket aircraft, carrying long range search radar as well as digital computers which would automatically detect targets and select the best available interceptor to be dispatched to meet each target. The first Hawkeye flew in 1960, with deliveries to Navy units beginning in January of 1964. Of note is the unusual tail configuration, which was the result of the peculiar airflow over and around the enormous radome, leading to the design of the multiple-surface tail unit to deal with that airflow.  (source: United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 by Gordon Swanborough and Peter Bowers)

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Remarks: This is the first exhibit aircraft completed by the restoration team.  VAW-115 Liberty Bells squadron markings will be applied to this aircraft in the near future.

Nickname: Hummer

Bu No 161227 Assignment Record

Date of manufacture: 10/23/1981

Manufacturer: Grumman Aerospace, Bethpage, NY


23 OCT 81 - 17 JAN 82NPRO REP Bethpage, New York
17 JAN 82-NOV 83VAW-116/USS Ranger/NAS Miramar
NOV 83 - SEP 84VAW-116/USS Kitty Hawk/NAS Miramar
SEP 84 - FEB 89unknown
FEB 89 - JUNE 89NASC FS PL/REP Bethpage, NY
DEC 89 - DEC 92VAW-113/NAS Miramar/USS Independence
JUNE 91 - DEC 91NASC FS PL/REP Bethpage. NY
JUNE 91 - DEC 92VAW-113/St. Augustine
JUNE 91 - DEC 91NASC FS DPRO Grumman, Bethpage, NY
MAR 92 - MAR 94VAW-116/NAS Miramar/NAS North IsIand/ USS Ranger
APR 93 - MAR 95VAW-125/NAS Norfolk/USS Saratoga
MAR 95 - MAR 95VAW-125/NAS North Island, CA
23 JUNE 97Declared excess to NAVAIR E2C PMA's Gov. Owned Material Reclamation program and awaiting Stricken Aircraft Reclamation and Disposal Program (SARDP).
18 MAY 98NAVICP reclaimed aircraft for parts under SARDIP # 825. Requested effort to preserve outward appearance of aircraft for static display asset for SDACM.
22 AUG 00Completed a modified SARDP procedure and all known classified and pyrotechnic equipment removed.

This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation.

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