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for F4-S Bu. No. 153880


The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II was destined to become one of the finest weapons the Navy had ever used. It was first conceived as an attack aircraft, but was redesigned to fill the role of a long range high altitude interceptor using air-to-air missiles. Deliveries to operational units began in 1960, and by 1966 twenty nine Navy and Marine squadrons were flying the Phantom. The primary role for the early Phantoms had been interception and air superiority, but deployment of the type to Vietnam put emphasis on the secondary strike role, carrying a wide range of external stores. The F-4S variant was an F-4J model upgraded with structural strengthening, plus the provision for the later installation of leading-edge maneuver slats as used on the USAF F-4E. (source: United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 by Gordon Swanborough and Peter Bowers)

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Remarks: This is the first of two F-4 Phantom IIs completed by the restoration team.  This aircraft is sponsored.


  •   2 BRU-41 Multiple Ejector Racks.

  •   12 Mk 82 500 lb bombs with Mk 15 Snakeye fins port side, conical fins starboard side and M904 fuzes.

Photos Frank Warren.

Nickname:  Old Smokey, Big Ugly Fighter

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Bu No 153880 Assignment Record

Date of manufacture: Unknown 

Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company, St. Louis, MO


13 FEB 1969VMFA-333 Beaufort
20 MAR 1970VMFA-333 USS America (as F-4J)
24 JUL 1970VMFA-451 Roosevelt Roads
07 APR 1971VMFAT-201 Cherry Point
21 DEC 1972VMFAT-201 Yuma
0l JUL 1974VMFAT-101 Yuma
22 SEP 1975VMFAT-101 NAS North Island
25 FEB 1976VMFAT-101 Yuma
20 AUG 1976VMFAT-101 NASM
31 AUG 1976VF-194 Miramar
30 NOV 1976VF-194 USS Coral Sea (as F-4J)
20 JAN 1977VF-194 Miramar
19 SEP 1977-19 APR 1978USS Midway (as F-4J)
21 MAY 1978VF-161 Atsugi
21 SEP 1978-24 FEB 1979USS Constellation (as F-4J)
27 MAR 1979VF-161 Atsugi
30 MAR 1979VF-21 USS Ranger (as F-4J)
09 MAY 1979 VF-21 Miramar
07 DEC 1979NARF NAS North Island
15 JAN 1980(upgraded to F-4S)
19 SEP 1980VF-121 Miramar
08 DEC 1980-02 SEP 1981VF-151 USS Midway
29 OCT 1981VF-151 Atsugi
12 APR 1986NASCFS NAS North Island


Photos of this aircraft in a previous paint schemes and assignments.

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This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation. 

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