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HO3S-Dragonfly Bu. No. 122515


     A 1956 requirement for a low-level, long-range strike aircraft for service with the US Navy produced 11 design proposals from which, in December 1957, that by Grumman, the G-128, was adopted.  Born of the Navy's experience in the Korean War, the new aircraft was to have a high subsonic performance at tree-top height to permit under-the-radar penetration of enemy defences and be capable of finding and hitting small targets in any weather.

     Deliveries to the first Navy squadron to operate the Intruder, VA-42, began on February 1, 1963, and VA-75, VA-85 and VA-65 were among the Navy units soon trained by VA-42 to fly the A6A.  The first Marine Corps unit to become operational on the A-6A was VMA(AW)-242, at NAS Cherry Point in October 1964.  In July 1965, VA-75 began operating in support of US forces in Vietnam, flying initially from USS Independence, and both Navy and Marine Corps squadrons were heavily engaged throughout the remainder of that campaign.  Source: United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 by Gordon Swanborough and Peter Bowers)

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Photo by Gary Willis

Remarks: This is the third exhibit aircraft completed by the restoration team.  In the future, this aircraft's paint scheme will be modified so that a VMA(AW)-224 is represented on one side and VA-115 on the other.  VA-115 operated the A-6A and the A-6E from the Midway in the 1970s and 1980s.  VMA(AW)-224 operated from the USS Coral Sea in 1972.


  •   5 BRU-41 Multiple Ejector Racks.

  •   30 Mk 82 500 lb bombs with Mk 15 Snakeye fins & M904 fuzes,

Photos by Frank Warren.


Nickname: Truder


Bu No 151782 Assignment Record

Date of manufacture: Unknown

Manufacturer: Grumman Aerospace, Bethpage, NY


JUNE 1965VA-85/USS Kitty Hawk (as A-6A)
JAN 1969VA-145/ USS Enterprise (as A-6A)
APR 1970VA-115/ USS Midway (as A-6A)
12 MAR 1974Upgraded to A-6E
DEC 1976 - SEP 1977VA-95/USS Coral Sea
SEP 1977 - FEB 1980VA-115/ USS Midway
1980 - 1990no history available
AUG 1990VA-42/ NAS Oceana
FEB 1991 - MAY 1994VA-34/NAS Oceana/ USS Eisenhower
MAY 1994 - DEC 1994VA-34/Washington, DC
DEC 1994 - NOV 1995(?)VA-34/NAS Oceana
01 NOV 1995Aircraft was stricken from Naval inventory.
15 OCT 1996Release of aircraft as museum asset to authorized representative of San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum.

Additional Facts

Aircraft accepted by Navy:  27 January 1965

Total flight hours: 5418.2

Catapult launches: 894

Arrested landings: 938

Shop Number: 90 (90th A-6 built)


This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation. 

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