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for SH-2F Bu. No.150157


The H-2 Seasprite was designed to meet a 1956 Navy specification for a high-performance, all-weather helicopter operating in a wide range of utility missions. The first flight was made in July 1959, with deliveries beginning in December 1962. In October 1970 the US Navy adopted a further modified Seasprite variant to provide an over-the-horizon search and strike capability for anti-submarine destroyers. This version was known as the SH-2D, using the LAMPS high power search radar system in a radome tub under the nose, as well as a variety of anti-submarine and ship missile defense weapons. The SH-2F was an improved version of the SH-2D. (source: United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 by Gordon Swanborough and Peter Bowers)

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Remarks:   This aircraft became a USS Midway Museum exhibit on 28 September 2004.


  • 1 Dipping sonar pod.

Photo by Frank Warren.

Bu No 150157 Assignment Record

Date of manufacture: Unknown

Manufacturer: Kaman Aerospace


AUG 1964HU-4 Det 45 USS Wright (as UH-2B)
MAR 1965HU-2 Det 66 USS America (as UH-2B)
17 FEB 1966WPNSYSTEST Pax River
18 Sep 1967Kaman
23 AUG 1968HC-2 Lakehurst
31 OCT 1968HC-2 Det 16 Lakehurst
05 NOV 1968HC-2 Lakehurst
17 MAR 1969HC-2 Det 62 USS Independence (as UH 2B)
28 MAR 1969HC-2 Lakehurst
14 JUL 1969HC-2 Det 42 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (as UH 2B)
AUG 1970HC-4 Lakehurst
30 SEP 1971(upgraded to SH-2D)
13 OCT 1971HC-4 LAMPS Lakehurst
30 NOV 1971HC-4 LAMPS DET USS Belknap (as SH-2D)
0l MAR 1972HSL-30 LMP Det Lakehurst
09 SEP 1975HSL-30 NORVA
02 OCT 1980(upgraded to SH-2F)
14 APR 1982HSL-31 NAS North Island
09 DEC 1983HSL-37 Det 5 Barbers Point
09 DEC 1983HSL 37 Det 5 USS Holt
16 APR 1984HSL 35 LMP Det USS Kinkaid
17 APR 1984HSL 37 Det 1 USS Hammond
12 OCT 1989HSL-37 Barbers Point
14 DEC 1989HSL-37 Det 10 Barbers Point
18 JUN 1990HSL-37 Det 10 USS Badger
07 OCT 1990HSL-37 Del 10 USS Ouellette
13 DEC 1990HSL-37 Barbers Point
06 APR 1993HSL-33 Barbers Point
29 JUN 1993HSL-33 NAS North Island


This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation. 


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