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for EKA-3B Bu. No. 142251


The A3D Skywarrior was designed as a bomber for the US Navy that could deliver nuclear strike capability. At 60,000 lb gross weight, the Skywarrior was the largest and heaviest aircraft ever designed for carrier use. It had a high-mounted wing with 36 degrees of sweepback, and a large internal weapons bay that could carry 12,000 lb of conventional or nuclear weapons. The crew of three was grouped in a pressurized cockpit, tail defence being by means of a radar-controlled barbette with two 20mm guns, these being the only guns carried. The first example flew on September 16, 1953, with production deliveries beginning on March 31, 1956.   
(source: United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 by Gordon Swanborough and Peter Bowers)

The version of this aircraft to be displayed on SDACM Midway is the EKA-3B.  It had the capability to be used in both electronic warfare and in-flight refueling tanker rolls.  VAQ-130 Zappers operated EKA-3Bs from the Midway in the early 1970's.  One of the photos below is from Midway's 1972 cruisebook and shows BuNo 142251in flight with another Zapper Skywarrior.

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1972 Midway Cruisebook Photo


Photo by Aubrey Brittian

Photo by Aubrey Brittian

Photo by Frank Warren.

Photo by Phil Kovaric, AMARC

Photo by Frank Warren.

Photo by Frank Warren.

Photo by Aubrey Brittian.

Photo by David Hanson.

Remarks: This aircraft became a USS Midway Museum exhibit on 26 May 2006.


Nickname: Whale

Bu No 142251 Assignment Record

Date Of manufacture: February 1958 

Manufacturer: Douglas


Partial Assignment Record

This was the the 143rd Skywarrior manufactured.  It was accepted by the Navy as an A3D-2 in February 1958.  NARF Alameda converted it to a KA-3B in August 1967 and to a EKA-3B in June 1969.












This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation. 

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