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for A-4F Bu. No. 154977


The A-4 Skyhawk was conceived as a jet-powered replacement for the A-1 Skyraider. Douglas took a hard look at the growing weight and complexity of contemporary combat aircraft, and came up with an aircraft that was just half of the 30,000 lb proposed in the official specification. Being an outstanding example of simple, lightweight design, the Skyhawk became one of the primary US weapons in the Vietnam War, equipping some 30 Navy and Marine attack squadrons during 1968. Close support and interdiction missions were its specialty, and the Navy eventually purchased over 2,000 examples in five versions without ever varying the attack mission for the A-4.  (source: United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 by Gordon Swanborough and Peter Bowers)

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Photo by Toney Herlivic.

Photo by Toney Herlivic.

Photo by Frank Warren.

Photo by Frank Warren.

Photo by Frank Warren.


Photo by Toney Herlivic.


Photo by David Hanson.


Photo by Frank Warren.


Photo by Frank Warren.

Remarks: This aircraft became a USS Midway Museum exhibit on 19 July 2005.  This aircraft is sponsored.


  •   2 - LAU-10 rocket launchers containing Zuni 5.0 inch rockets.

  •   2 BRU-42 Triple Ejector Racks.

  •   6 Mk 82 500 lb bombs with Mk 15 Snakeye fins & M904 fuzes.

  •   1 - AGM-62 Walleye.

  •   2 Mk 12 20 mm cannon.

Photos by Frank Warren.

Nickname: Scooter

Bu No 154977 Assignment Record

Date of manufacture:  1967

Manufacturer:  Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, CA


Assignment location(s):

09/29/67 10/05/67 NPRC Long Beach

10/05/67 12/14/67 VA-212, USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31)

12/14/67 06/28/68 VA-23, USS Ticonderoga (CV-14)

06/28/68 05/07/69 VA-23, USS Oriskany (CV-34)

05/07/69 03/20/70 VA-23, NAS Lemoore

03/20/70 08/16/70 VA-127, NAS Lemoore

08/16/70 03/06/71 VA-22, NAS Lemoore

03/06/71 10/24/72 VMA-214, MCAS El Toro

10/24/72 12/19/72 VA-127, NAS Lemoore

12/19/72 05/07/73 VA-55, USS Hancock (CV-19)

05/07/73 10/22/74 VA-55, NAS Lemoore

10/22/74 01/22/75 VA-55, NAS Pensacola

01/22/75 02/27/75 VA-55, NAS Lemoore

02/27/75 11/15/75 VA-55, USS Hancock (CV-19)

11/15/75 02/09/78 MARTD El Toro

01/01/80 01/18/82 HMS-46 Det, El Toro

01/18/82 09/10/84 VC-12, NAS Oceana

03/21/85 08/18/93 CNARF

08/18/93 12/21/93 NASC FS Tucson, stricken from inventory.

12/21/93 12/2004 AMARC, Tucson

12/2004 - On loan to USS Midway Museum from the National Museum of Naval Aviation (NMNA), with an option for renewal.


Donor of the aircraft to museum:  National Museum of Naval Aviation (NMNA)         

Date received by museum: 12/2004



This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation. 

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