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for F4F-3 BuNo 12290


By the end of 1941 the USN and USMC together had 183 F4F-3s and 65 F4F-3As.  Most of these were in the US or aboard Ranger and Wasp, but two Marine squadrons were at Ewa, Hawaii, when the Japanese attack was launched and nine aircraft were lost on the ground.  Later that day a detachment of the same squadron, VMF-211, lost seven more aircraft on the ground at Wake Island.  In the ensuing battle for Wake, five remaining F4F-3s scored a number of victories over Japanese bombers and fighters before they fell to the vastly superior strength of the Japanese attack force.  These were the first combat operations by Wildcats, the name adopted by the USN, although RN Martlets had earlier been in action against German aircraft off the coasts of Britain.
(source: United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 by Gordon Swanborough and Peter Bowers)

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Photo by Bobby Reyes.

Remarks: Arrived at the restoration hangar on 2 April 2008.  A restoration project plan is being developed.


BuNo 12290 Assignment Record

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Date of manufacture: Unknown 

Manufacturer: Grumman Aircraft Company












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