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for F-8K Bu. No. 147030


     The last Navy fighter developed by the Chance Vought company before it was absorbed into the Ling-Temco-Vought organization, the F-8 Crusader was designed to meet a 1952 Navy requirement for a supersonic air-superiority fighter. The F-8 was equipped with an afterburner, and was unusual in having a high-mounted wing, the incidence of which could be increased to reduce the landing speed, without forcing the aircraft to assume an exaggerated nose-high attitude. The first F-8s flew in March and September of 1955, with deliveries to operational units beginning in March of 1957. The F-8 was armed with four 20mm cannon, as well as air-to-air rockets and Sidewinder missiles. They were very effective fighter aircraft, becoming known as "Mig-killers" during the Vietnam War.
(source: United States Navy Aircraft since 1911 by Gordon Swanborough and Peter Bowers)

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Photos by Frank Warren.






Photo by Jim Compagnon, NADEP


Photo by Frank Warren.


Photo by Gary Willis.

Remarks: This aircraft became a USS Midway Museum exhibit on 27 December 2005.


  •   2 AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles.

  •   4 20 mm cannon.

Photos by Frank Warren.


Nickname: Gunfighter

Bu No 147030 Assignment Record

Assignment record not yet available.

Date of manufacture: Unknown 

Manufacturer: LTV Aerospace Corporation


This aircraft will be exhibited on the Midway bearing the names of three Naval Aviators;  CDR Doyle W. Lynn, CDR James D. La Haye and Ltjg Gene R. Gollahon.  These pilots were killed in action while serving in VF-111 Sundowners on the USS Midway in 1965.






This aircraft is on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation. 

Click here to view their web site's Crusader page.



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